Anna Louise Hardy

Anna Louise Hardy

I first came to yoga in 2010 when I was searching for a class where I could develop strength and flexibility without becoming tired of the same old gym routines. I quickly discovered that yoga not only gave me the strength and flexibility that I was searching for but also helped me to find focus from within, developing a much stronger mind-body relationship. I used to suffer from an extremely active mind, constantly worrying over the small things with the feeling that the emotions were in the driving seat. I found that practicing yoga enabled me to find a way to live mindfully in the present moment, a change in perception which uncovered a profound feeling of inner calm and peace. I now teach out of my desire to share this practice with others so that they too can discover the many incredible benefits yoga can bring.

My classes are designed to cultivate awareness of body while staying mindfully aware in the practice. I believe that yoga can be empowering for all, helping to build confidence and a strong sense of well-being. You can expect to leave my classes feeling restored and yet challenged as I invite you to relax and have fun while simultaneously becoming energised, grounded and strong.

Anna has trained with the British Wheel of Yoga at Tri-Yoga in London, completing a 2-year yoga diploma course with renowned teachers Anna Ashby and Tony Watson, which is also accredited by Yoga Alliance Professionals