Bryony May Carrigan

Bryony May Carrigan

Yoga started for me back in 2014, where I initially loved seeing the evolving progress of my strength and flexibility. Since I started attending regular classes when I moved to Leeds 3 years ago, I found myself growing in new ways. I had finally learnt to tune into my body and mind, experiencing a deeper connection to myself both physically and mentally through my practice. This new found self-awareness has benefited me further than I could have ever imagined, spilling into all aspects of my life, guiding me to trust my own judgement and making better choices for myself.

My yoga journey has taken me to India where I completed my 200hrs in Ashtanga Vinyasa in late 2019. During the months I travelled in India, I took the opportunity to absorb as much as I could about the practice in it’s birthplace. 

My flows are a reflection of my true nature, strong sequences focussing on creativity and self discovery.