Bryony Rowntree Leeds

Bryony found that she was not the only one who reached adulthood with not much of a clue and thought everyone else had ‘it’ figured.  It finally sunk in for her that everyone is winging it and that ‘it’ is about living life from an authentic place; staying anchored in what really matters to us, catching ourselves when we are hiding from the world and taking our whole imperfect selves into the adventure.

She works with women around confidence, overwhelm an going well into their next chapter.  Coaching individuals through the stuff they need to work through, into new beginnings, and towards their dreams, so that ultimately courage and aliveness can flow.

She also loves to design and lead workshops for individual development and for teams to better connect and flourish within a culture of wellness and positive leadership.

Bryony works playfully, intuitively and at a heart-level, giving the brain a rest and tapping into a deeper knowing.  She holds the space with compassion, allowing space and time for YOU and whatever you bring.

Bryony is a Certified Professional Co-Active® Coach, accredited through the International Coaching Federation.  Her background is in dance and psychology, and more recently in education, working with families and ante- and post-natal education/support.  She has been interested in coaching since the late 90’s.  That thread of interest and experience has woven through her life, leading to her training with the Co-Active® Training Institute; bringing her working and life experience together with her love for working with people for a better life.