Despina Psarra Leeds

Despina Psarra

I first came across yoga through a vinyasa flow (modified ashtanga primary series) class in 2006, and I could not ignore the explosive widening of my understanding of my own decision making through it. Since the first time I practised I felt happier, full of energy, more centred – and able to make much better decisions as a result. I had no idea that my emotional and mental wellbeing, and through that my life decisions, my impact on other beings and the planet, could be influenced so much by such an apparently physical pursuit. Needless to say, I went back.

I loved Ayurvedic Yoga Massage immediately during my level 1-2 course, and quickly realised that everyone else also loves it as soon as they try it. My favourite client feedback is “I feel more like myself”. It certainly helps on a physical level, and I have seen it help many people with injuries, long-term pains and stiffness (knee pains, frozen shoulders), as well as with stress and mental health conditions; the list goes on as to the amazing, beautiful results that this method can have. It feels very rewarding to help someone increase their range of movement or feel pain free, or experience reduced pain, or just feel more wonderful than they were feeling before their massage. Since coming across it, I have felt that AYM needs to be much more widely known and available, and that feeling has grown stronger over the years as I see more evidence of the power of the method not only from my clients, but now also from the feedback I get from my students’ clients.


Level 5 – Ayurvedic Yoga Massage


Ayurvedic Yoga Massage

‘I am passionate about sharing the benefits of this wonderful method. People love both giving and receiving it, and it never ceases to surprise whoever comes into contact with it just how effective and blissful it is.’