Sunday 6.45pm – 7.45pm

Hatha Yoga class is designed to deepen your Yoga practise and cultivate your concentration, using traditional Asana (poses), Pranayama (breathing exercises) and creative intentions.

Each class will follow the same journey through a variety of warm up exercises, inversions, seated poses, standing poses, balances and relaxation, but from week to week we will have a different focus and a play with different Yoga poses & exercises.

This class will challenge you to deepen your yoga practise by working towards staying in a pose for 3-4minutes, whilst being encouraged to listen to your own body and develop a Yoga that you can take off the mat and out the studio into the world.

This class is an ideal step from our beginners classes, taking you to the next stage of your yoga journey. Even though this will be more challenging than the beginner sessions, remember Yoga is never a serious business and there will be lots of opportunities to be playful and have a laugh.

Single session £8 || 5 Class Pass £37.50 || 10 Class Pass £70 || 20 Class Pass £130.

This class is usually taught by Miz DeShannon.