Introduction to Fitness || 4 Weeks || We Are Wellness || Leeds

Strength and Fitness Foundations

We recognise that making the decision to begin your fitness  journey can seem unfamiliar and, well, pretty scary.
Don’t worry…We’ve got you covered!

Our strength and fitness foundations course will arm you with all the knowledge you need to build your confidence and start your journey into strength and fitness.

Start Dates
Saturday 17th April || 9am – 10.30am

GARDEN – £55 RRP or £50 early bird two weeks before the course starts.

We Are Wellness || GARDEN

Headingley, Leeds

Over 4 weeks you’ll learn how to –

⁃ safely and efficiently execute fundamental movements such as squats, lunges and hip hinges
⁃ pick up and utilise common fitness equipment with confidence.
⁃ effective training intervals and intensities for fitness training
⁃ basic mobility and self maintenance
⁃ Simple yet effective punch and kick combinations to improve cardiovascular health
⁃ Build a stronger more stable core

If you’re brand new to strength and fitness, feeling a bit rusty and in need of a refresher or maybe just fancy seeing what our classes look like with out the added pressure of trying it in front of people who look like they know what they’re doing then this course is for you.
Our 4 week 90 minutes sessions will leave you feeling like a seasoned pro and ready to sweat it out with the best of them.

Lift like know one’s watching.

Introduction to Fitness