Kristen Kennedy

I am a nature baby. Climbing, backpacking, yoga, surfing. I have always kept strong using the world as my playground and my body as the weights.

I have lived in Maine, Canada, Hawaii, Australia, England and been to countless others. I love traveling, and staying in the least touristy parts. Seeing a place authentically captivates me.

You can find me now doing my Masters in Physiotherapy and Leeds Beckett University and doing exercise any place I can find! I love energetic workouts, and strong flows. I focus on the correct anatomical movements, and to me the right position is more important and beneficial than the reps or the amount time you hold a pose. I am building my own strong practice through teaching others.

Kristen has been teaching yoga for 3 years. Moving to Leeds from America she is finishing her Masters In Physiotherapy at Leeds Beckett. Combined with being outside as much as possible, I love challenging myself fitness wise. Join me in a Vinyasa flow, hiit class, or handstand seminar!