Louise Lowery Leeds

Louise Lowery

I’ve been practicing Pilates for over eighteen years. I’ve always been a keen cyclist and swimmer then added to that, years of waitressing, teaching and then  working at a desk gave my shoulders and back something to complain about. Pilates helped me find stillness and combat stress in my busy life. It helped me learn about myself and move more freely in my own body. Further to that it improved my posture and performance in other activities.

I began training in 2015 to become a certified Level 3 Pilates Mat Instructor and it was then that I knew I’d finally found the link between my my passion for teaching and movement. I’ve trained further on the Reformer, Back Care and Barre Pilates. 

I love the human body and all its intricacies, I’m always learning with every client and daily in my own practice. I truly believe in the amazing mind -body effects of Pilates. Moving well can really change your life; whether that’s living a pain free life or finding you can move in ways you never thought you could.  

My classes are aimed at getting you back to your best; helping you improve you posture and live a pain free life in a body that moves efficiently and effortlessly. Becoming body aware and focusing on breathing and movement helps to counteract the harmful conditions associated with modern lifestyle. 


Level 3 Diploma in teaching Pilates (QCF)