Vincent Jet Rollins Leeds

Vincent Jet Rollins

When Vince started working as a personal trainer in early 2015 he quickly realised that there were many people with mobility issues that stemmed from moving to little or moving in the same pattern too often.

Movement and mobility has long been Vince’s ‘thing’ sharing the ethos of manual therapist and strength coach, Gray cook – ‘Move well, move often’ with the emphasis firstly on ‘move well’. After spending time stretching clients he became curious in manual manipulations and resistance band aided stretching. It was around then he went for a sports massage and was immediately hooked and went on to study sports massage. This understanding of both how bodies should move and how to fix the ones that can’t is a brilliant combination to get people moving and pain free.

Vince’s qualifications – 

  • Diploma in Personal training level three (active IQ)
  • Diploma in sports massage therapy (active IQ)
  • Kettle bell instructor (reps)
  • TRX instructor (reps)
  • Zuu level one instructor


Personal Trainer
Deep Tissue Massage
Pain Management Therapy
Sports Massage
Hiit & Stretch
Cardio Box

“I have a genuine passion for understanding my clients needs and work within their own tolerance levels. Sports massage have given me the opportunity to help a wide range of people from athletes and gym goers to desk bound works and bar staff alike. If you have a body, I can help you look after it and keep it moving well :)”