Pilates Leeds

Tuesday 8pm – 9pm

Pilates is a great technique to improve your physical health through a series of body work exercises created by Joseph Pilates. It is a great practice that is suitable for everyone. It doesn’t matter how old or fit you are as all the exercises are adapted to you.

Why try Pilates?
Pilates works on improving the quality of movements so that you move more naturally and efficiently. Not only will this help you avoid injury but may improve your sports performance.
It focuses on the core muscles (the muscles around the abdomen and spine) which support the body. If you have back problems, spend hours in front of the laptop or sitting on a chair Pilates is what you need! It may also improve your breathing.
Also a fantastic class if you are postnatal and wanting to strengthen your tummy muscles and fabulous for toning!
Our Pilates classes are mat based, using fit balls, balloons and elastic bands. You will have fun whilst also working hard to build the protection your body needs for life! Funky playlist of music helps you focus whilst you are working hard to get your bodies into shape!

Beginners Pilates with Emily Winter is a beautiful class which brings about movement and ease to knotted muscles, inflamed joints and tense minds.

This class is about strengthening the connection with the body and bringing ease of movement into your life. Re-activate the connections between the mind and the body to bring about a deep connection with the body, a strong core and back to support you as you move through your life.

The class will be:

Controlled Pilates movements for strength, flexibility and relaxation

Stretches and mindful breath for relaxation and a sense of control

Suitable for beginners including those with long term muscular or skeletal conditions, sciatica, back pain, arthritis and anyone recovering from injury or simply needing a moment of calm in their week.

Single session £8 || 5 Class Pass £37.50 || 10 Class Pass £70 || 20 Class Pass £130.

This class is usually taught by Emily Winter.