At We Are Wellness we like to offer an eclectic range of workshops for everyone to enjoy!
Learn a new skill, have fun or just simply spend some time for you relaxing.

Restorative Yoga


Friday 4th June 6.30pm - 8pm || Crystal Reiki Healing Restorative & Breathwork infused with the energies of Amethyst This one is for you if you experience feelings of anxiety, struggle to sink into presence or simply wish to begin your weekend with some presence peace.. RRP £20 or £15 early bird 2 weeks before.

Sound Healing Leeds

sound healing workshop

Friday 11th June 6.30pm - 8pm || Join Amanda as we give ourselves permission to surrender into the vibrations of the various Tibetan Bowls & Shamanic Instruments we can enter a space of deep relaxation where we can just observe and be. RRP £20 or £15 early bird 2 weeks before.

Laughter Yoga


Friday 18th June 6.30pm - 8pm || In this workshop I will take you on an exploration of laughter where you will discover ways to play with it, embrace it and see what is there when you open yourself up to being more playful. It's a wonderful invitation to cultivate your own innate sense of joy. RRP £20 or £15 early bird 2 weeks before.

Yoga for Climbers


Friday 25th June 6.30pm - 8pm || This workshop will allow time to dig deep into our climbing headgame and explore how yoga can help us with this. We will look at how yoga techniques can improve our focus, concertation and give us the tools we need to use when on the sharp end. RRP £20 or £15 early bird 2 weeks before.

Reiki Meditation Leeds

REIKI meditation workshop

Sunday 11th July 3pm - 4.30pm || This 90 minute workshop will begin the second you walk into the room! Amy will have filled the room with Reiki, clearing the space of any unwanted energies and replacing it with wonderful, loving healing vibes. RRP £20 or £15 early bird 2 weeks before.