Kids Yoga Leeds

Tuesday (8 – 12) 4.15pm – 5.15pm (Term Time)
Wednesday (up to 7 years) 4.15pm – 5.15pm (Term Time)

Kids yoga is a time for movement, mindfulness, wellbeing, creativity and fun.
Through yoga based games and activities, this class offers children tools in which they can develop mindfulness, coordination, strength and flexibility, whilst encouraging their imagination to thrive.

By engaging with traditions of Yoga, children challenge the body through physical postures, learn how to focus the mind, and practice relaxation and calming techniques.

Kids yoga acts as an excellent compliment to your child’s learning and development through their early school years. Not only boosting their physical strength and mental wellbeing, this class also supports their understanding of emotions, builds self confidence and develops connection to those around them.

Tips on How to Explain Yoga to Children?

This depends partly on how old they are, but here are some general tips or guidelines your explanations can revolve around.

1. In yoga, there is a pose for everything in the world, whether it is an animal, a tree, or an airplane, and we can do it with our body.

2. Thousands of years ago, the ancient yogis lived in the forest, the mountains, and the caves of India. They observed their environment, and saw how the animals and nature moved in perfect harmony. They imitated the movements of the animals, the trees, the mountains, and even the movements of the stars, and created a wonderful technique that is called yoga.

3. Yoga is a way to exercise our bodies, our breath, and our minds all at the same time. Yoga makes us feel great!

4. Yoga is a very ancient science that helps us to develop flexibility and strength in our bodies, and happiness and peace in our mind.

5. Yoga is a practice and philosophy that teaches that happiness is our natural state.When the body and the mind are out of balance, we do not feel this happiness.

With the help of yoga poses, breathing exercises, and focusing within, we bring back this harmony to our body and mind, and come back to this natural state of happiness.

Dates – Feb Term – 26th Feb – 1st Apr || Apr Term – 21st/22nd Apr – 19th/20th May || Jun Term – 2nd/3rd June – 14th/15th July.

Single session £7 || Feb Term Class Pass £36 || Apr Term Class Pass £30 || Jun Term Class Pass £42

This class is usually taught by Emily Winters & Jal Hilson.