Power Yoga || Monday 5.45pm – 6.45pm || We Are Wellness || Leeds

This powerful practice will increase strength, stamina, and flexibility on both physically and mentally. Focus will be on connection to breath and conscious, fluid movement, as well as attention to mindset to prepare you for life off of the mat. 

Power Yoga is definitely a workout that will make you sweat. Power Yoga classes move with a faster rhythm. There are fewer moments between poses and you will be moving through asanas quickly. Power yoga is great for strength training and these classes incorporate a good amount of Vinyasas, your entire body will definitely get into gear. Your arms will definitely feel the burn from all those Chaturangas!

Great for all levels of experience.  You will be encouraged to honor exactly where you are, while curious about your edge between enough and too much. Pace of practice will be conducive to developing self-awareness.

Single session £8 || 5 Class Pass £37.50 || 10 Class Pass £70 || 20 Class Pass £130.

This class is usually taught by Joseph Thomas.